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War & Peace reminder

This newsletter is only for the backers of the War & Peace Kickstarter campaign (see here) at Colonel level pledge which are entitled a copy of the boardgame reprint at a reduced price (as part of it was in the pledge paid in the campaign).

The Colonels can buy their copy of this Full 7th edition ONLY on the following page :

War and Peace Colonel pledge – Full 7th Edition

You can also use the link below.
War and Peace - 7th edition reprint - Counters
War and Peace - 7th edition reprint - Events cards

Additional Information

As announced on our Kickstarter page and website (see this news here), the plan will unfold more or less as follows:


  • Till end of June: receipt of orders final confirmation and payment
  • July: start of manufacturing process: product proofing, sampling, validation
  • September: actual manufacturing
  • October: shipping to USA and Europe fulfilment warehouses
  • November: shipping from US or EU warehouses to local backers (once final shipping cost is paid)

Stay tuned! Vive l'Empereur!

War and Peace Colonel pledge - Full 7th Edition

The final cost of the game is 64 $. Only for Colonels.


War and Peace - Full Reprint 7th edition

Dev blog

Updates 1.4.11-12

Update 1.4.12 Struggle of Nations Swedish rules adapted from Final Glory Some minor reinforcement were not of the right nationality. French Imperial Guard : when committed, if demoralised, the force loses 3 morale points. This morale loss was not taken into account for the mandatory retreat. Update 1.4.11 Performance Computation of withdrawal hexes Reduce somehow the time taken by the …

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War and Peace 7th edition reprint : Event cards

Here are several examples of the event cards in the upcoming reprint of the 7th edition of War & Peace. Enjoy ! (update : many of the event cards of the 7th edition reprint can be found on this page)

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Confirming your Kickstarter pledge of War & Peace

Our online shop has been updated with the awaited Kickstarter pledge for War & Peace 7th Edition. A special email was sent for each Colonels and Generals (see our Kickstarter campaign here). If you have pledged the game on Kickstarter and did not receive this newsletter, please contact us directly. Thanks for your support ! PS for Marshalls: as you …

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Napoleon's Eagles - Demo - Italian campaign

Our demo is still available. See this page to download a demo of the future digital version of War and Peace, renamed Napoleon's Eagles.
War and Peace - Demo - Italian campaign
War and Peace - Napoleon

What is War & Peace ?


Overview of War and Peace Avalon Digital has captured the look, feel, challenge, and excitement of the classic board game War and Peace and brought it to life on your computer. Solo and multiplayer options allow you to become Napoleon as you lead your armies from the fields of France to the steppes of Russia, and from the deserts of …

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Napoleon's Empire

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin To many, war is the crashing sound of multiengined Allied bombers devastating German cities, the noiseless prowl of U-Boats seeking heavilyladen North Atlantic tankers or the grinding might of the panzer armies crushing their way across the endless Russian steppes. There are some of …

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War and Peace - Avalon Hill - The General - 17

Napoleon’s Empire – The Scenarios

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Scenarios Although the Napoleonic Wars covered a ten year span and were fought over an entire continent, the war was not a continuous conflict. There were several separate campaigns between France and a few, rather than all, of the major …

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Napoleon's Empire - The grand campaign

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Grand Campaign The Grand Campaign should not be played by those who have not fought all or most of the individual scenarios, as it combines elements of play found in all of them, plus several new rules. The course …

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