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Welcome on our third newsletter ! Today we are pleased to announce you that our Kickstarter campaign for the digital version of the grand classic game War & Peace was a success ! If you've missed the campaign, we have now added a Late Pledge option on our website.

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Mark McLaughlin writes about himself and his games and books

You'll find on the website A Wargamers Needful Things! a new article in which Mark G. McLaughlin explains how, over half a century ago, he began playing wargames. And in a second part of this article how he created the first edition of War & Peace, just before 1980, and how the game evolved through the years. You can also …

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Late pledge for the Kickstarter campaign

The Kickstarter campaign for War and Peace is now closed and was a success. Thanks to all the backers who have supported us till the last minute. We have received messages from some backers who missed it or came too late, so we found a solution for them… We have now added a LATE PLEDGE button on the campaign page …

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Content preview by SmartWargames

Here is a new useful video preview showing the current content of War & Peace, preview made by the YouTube channel SmartWargames. Enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeJ_EmPHE4k

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War and Peace - Late pledge

The classic board game War and Peace comes alive on your computer. Be Napoleon – or stand against him – in a series of short scenarios that cover the epic battles of the age from 1796 on, or in a grand campaign that may – or may not – end on the field of Waterloo. The videogame War and Peace will be released only on Steam.
See the original Kickstarter campaign here.


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War and Peace - Demo - Italian campaign

Our demo is still available. See this page to download a demo of the future War and Peace digital version.
War and Peace - Demo - Italian campaign
War and Peace - Napoleon

What is War & Peace ?


Overview of War and Peace Avalon Digital has captured the look, feel, challenge, and excitement of the classic board game War and Peace and brought it to life on your computer. Solo and multiplayer options allow you to become Napoleon as you lead your armies from the fields of France to the steppes of Russia, and from the deserts of …

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Napoleon's Empire

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin To many, war is the crashing sound of multiengined Allied bombers devastating German cities, the noiseless prowl of U-Boats seeking heavilyladen North Atlantic tankers or the grinding might of the panzer armies crushing their way across the endless Russian steppes. There are some of …

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War and Peace - Avalon Hill - The General - 17

Napoleon’s Empire – The Scenarios

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Scenarios Although the Napoleonic Wars covered a tenyear span and were fought over an entire continent, the war was not a continuous conflict. There were several separate campaigns between France and a few, rather than all, of the major …

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Napoleon's Empire - The grand campaign

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Grand Campaign The Grand Campaign should not be played by those who have not fought all or most of the individual scenarios, as it combines elements of play found in all of them, plus several new rules. The course …

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Another great game of the Pacific D-Day titles is coming soon on Steam.
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