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The Digital Game

Please note that the PC version of War & Peace has been renamed Napoleon's Eagles (see here).

The digital development continues, with mostly bug fixes, UI improvements and some new features added. Most of the last month tasks were targeted at the mobile versions of the game, iOS (now available on Appstore) and Android (still under development and looking for testers, see the news below).

Another improvement was the addition of the Spanish language, done by our friend Jesús Delgado, a seasoned and expert wargamer from Spain.

The Boardgame Reprint

Also, Mark and our team have discussed at length about it and we are also moving forward. We got an experienced senior editor (worked for GMT) onboard to undertake the new manual proofreading. Map is ready, box is underway, and we are just missing someone with a good experience with Illustrator to redo the numerous countersheets (which is really a hell of a job). We have received a good quote from a manufacturer and we should be able to place a firm order by early summer. A specific "Call to Arms" actions will be made in May or June, to ask contributors to pay for the final cost of their pre-orders, so that we can officially place the order. Note that, after that date, pre-orders will remain possible, but at full price.

For now, the game will only be made in English language. If all goes well, we can start production more or less at the same time as the new boardgame Small Wars: Mohicans (see below). More news soon.

Small Wars Mohicans' Kickstarter

On March 21st, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new project which will be both a video game (console and PC) anda boardgame. This way we hope to satisfy the different groups of gamers, with a product that will play the same way on both medias.
Register yourself on Kickstarter and add you on this page to receive warning when the campaign starts. You can also see more information on the game's website, here: www.smallwars-game.com.

Note that this game system has been designed to work most on petty wars and, among the subjects it could deal with, the guerrilla during the Peninsula War (1808-1814) could be considered.

Stay tuned! Vive l'Empereur!
Avalon Digital - Steam Springs Sales 2024

Dev blog

iOS version available, coming soon on Android

Napoleon's Eagles in the Appstore Colonel pledgers or above will receive a mobile copy of the game. Could you write to carrierbattles@yahoo.com with the same email as your KS account and mention if you want iOS or Android? If you are interested to test it on Android, please revert too. Thank you for your support, Cyril

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You can now play in Spanish

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Update 1.3.12

The changelog for this new patch. Spanish language Bug fixes: the siege value was incremented twice a turn. A leader was wrongly bringing its supply line to the hex it is moving to The production view was a little horizontal offset on large screen Peninsula War Large French reinforcement of 1808 displayed on 2 rows. Fixed a risk of duplicated …

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Update 1.3.10 & 1.3.11

Update 1.3.10 AI attack improvement Bug fixes: Spanish scenarios: a partisan just arrived outside a city was not able to move this turn. Undoing production placement. Grand Campaign: miscellaneous Production fixes. Fixed a risk of duplicated reinforcement after an undo Update 1.3.11 Peninsula War Large French reinforcement of 1808 displayed on 2 rows. Fixed a risk of duplicated reinforcement after …

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Update 1.3.8 – 1.3.9

Update 1.3.9 Grand Campaign fixes Removed the warning for the absence of movement if France is neutral Production of neutral MP Struggle of Nations: some Russian units were illegally entrenched at the beginning of each turn Update 1.3.8 Bug fixes: Resigning an online game which has not really started Undo a voluntary withdrawal could cause the battle sequence to abort …

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Napoleon's Eagles - Wagram 1809

The future 1.4 version of the game will focus on the Wagram scenario: Delivering an AI player May be bringing minor improvement The scenario one of the least players' favorite. I feel it has underrated depth. Analyse of the situation for Austria This scenario is not a remake of 1805. If the Austrians acts by surprise, they also get a …

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News of the Boardgame Reprint

Based on the order collected during the Kickstarter campaign and those registered since then on the website PREORDERS page (see it here), we can give you the following tally.

Upgrade kit#1 (counters) : 194
Upgrade kit#2 (cards) : 198
Upgrade kit# 6th to 7th Edition : 226
Complete 7th Edition Print : 264

The reprint goal remain at 500 units (per item), so there is still some road ahead of us. This said, if the full game 7th Edition print reaches the target, then the upgrade kits will also be made, whatever their preorders.

Napoleon's Eagles - Demo - Italian campaign

Our demo is still available. See this page to download a demo of the future digital version of War and Peace, renamed Napoleon's Eagles.
War and Peace - Demo - Italian campaign
War and Peace - Napoleon

What is War & Peace ?


Overview of War and Peace Avalon Digital has captured the look, feel, challenge, and excitement of the classic board game War and Peace and brought it to life on your computer. Solo and multiplayer options allow you to become Napoleon as you lead your armies from the fields of France to the steppes of Russia, and from the deserts of …

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Napoleon's Empire

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin To many, war is the crashing sound of multiengined Allied bombers devastating German cities, the noiseless prowl of U-Boats seeking heavilyladen North Atlantic tankers or the grinding might of the panzer armies crushing their way across the endless Russian steppes. There are some of …

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War and Peace - Avalon Hill - The General - 17

Napoleon’s Empire – The Scenarios

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Scenarios Although the Napoleonic Wars covered a ten year span and were fought over an entire continent, the war was not a continuous conflict. There were several separate campaigns between France and a few, rather than all, of the major …

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Napoleon's Empire - The grand campaign

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Grand Campaign The Grand Campaign should not be played by those who have not fought all or most of the individual scenarios, as it combines elements of play found in all of them, plus several new rules. The course …

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