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The digital game development continues, and a new major update has just been released. More work will come to the game in the coming weeks, as we plan to have another update in time for the Napoleonic promotion of end November (see news below).

Also, we are moving forward on the preorder campaign and there is a fair chance that we could launch the production next year. We are now struggling with the production files and their revision, as this is a huge task that must be implemented before we can officially announce the launch. Stay tuned!

Vive l'Empereur!

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Ucoming Napoleon Sale event

Next November 22, the latest movie by Ridley Scott on Napoleon will be released worldwide. With this breaking news, we have decided to partner with Matrix / Slitherine in a special promotional event, called "Napoleon Sale" which will be held on Steam from November 28 to December 5th. Different games on the Napoleonic theme will be in this special sale, …

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War and Peace 1.1

We've released today a new important update for the game. Here is the changelog : This major update will have at least the following scope: AI for Waterloo scenario Land movement replay feature so that you may see what has done AI or your opponent on his last movement phase. Performance supply, movement Possibility to surrender a 2P-game directly from …

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Updates 1.0.25 – 1.0.29

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released. Update 1.0.29 Partisans were not able to join a battle even if adjacent to the enemy. If the major power switches side, then its non-neutral satellites follows. Naval combat: loop case if the winner pursued but then was beaten. One of the use case for joining battle (withdrawing from another …

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Updates 1.0.20 – 1.0.24

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released. Update 1.0.24Regression fix for the land movement which was not stopped by enemy units Grand Campaign: Poniatowski is not available for build until Poland has been formed. Update 1.0.23Waterloo, Final glory, Napoleon At Bay : French were getting 2 partisans per turn even if some P were still on map. …

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Updates 1.0.16 – 1.0.19

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released. Update 1.0.19Land battle: When joining a battle after retreating form another one, it is not allowed to move into a hex which has just been vacated. After a maneuver on the rear attempt, you can’t cancel an attack (you rolled a dice). Scenarios: Waterloo : Hexes 2822, 2823 are part …

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War and Peace viewed by XTRG

A quick update to inform you about a recent long and interesting video presenting the just released PC version of War & Peace on Steam, on the YouTube channel of XTRG.

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Updates 1.0.12 – 1.0.15

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released. Update 1.0.15Grand Campaign: Saved naval production points were too high for SP/Pt once invaded. Portugal was not appearing under Western group of minors once invaded Portugal listed twice in production screen. Prussian reinforcement could arrive at Koenigsberg before it becomes eligible for Landwehr production. England may save up to 5 …

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Updates 1.0.9 - 1.0.11

Here are the changelogs for these recent new updates we've released. Update 1.0.11 Forced march: the -1 French modifier was applied even if dismissed by the player. Overrun: Was not always working properly after a forced march. Overrun units were not added to their force pool. The were doubles in the log entry after cancelling an overrun. Do not propose …

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War and Peace viewed by Digitally Donwloaded

You'll find on Digitally an interesting article on the subject of the just released PC version of War & Peace : Is War and Peace the most niche video game release of 2023? I’ve played it!

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Updates 1.0.3 - 1.0.7

Here are the changelogs for the first updates we've released. Update 1.0.3 - Issue on first launch The very first time, there was a technical issue prevent the game to run correctly.The workaround was to quit and restart the app.This version fixes this issue. On Mac OSX, do not forget to grant access to the Document folder when prompted to …

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War & Peace roadmap

Based on our current vision. There are plenty of nice stuff to add. But first, we should stabilise the game after release and add AI into 4 scenarios with short-duration for free in the main game. Note on AI The extra Spanish scenarios might provide experience for an AI in the Peninsula War or Spanish 1811-1814 campaign. The main issue …

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War and Peace - Late pledge

The classic board game War and Peace comes alive on your computer. Be Napoleon – or stand against him – in a series of short scenarios that cover the epic battles of the age from 1796 on, or in a grand campaign that may – or may not – end on the field of Waterloo. The videogame War and Peace will be released only on Steam. See the original Kickstarter campaign here.


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War and Peace

News of the Boardgame Reprint

Based on the order collected during the Kickstarter campaign and those registered since then on the website PREORDERS page (see it here), we can give you the following tally.

Upgrade kit#1 (counters) : 191
Upgrade kit#2 (cards) : 195
Upgrade kit# 6th to 7th Edition : 195
Complete 7th Edition Print : 214

The reprint goal remain at 500 units (per item), so there is still some road ahead of us. This said, if the full game 7th Edition print reaches the target, then the upgrade kits will also be made, whatever their preorders.

War and Peace - Demo - Italian campaign

Our demo is still available. See this page to download a demo of the future War and Peace digital version.
War and Peace - Demo - Italian campaign
War and Peace - Napoleon

What is War & Peace ?


Overview of War and Peace Avalon Digital has captured the look, feel, challenge, and excitement of the classic board game War and Peace and brought it to life on your computer. Solo and multiplayer options allow you to become Napoleon as you lead your armies from the fields of France to the steppes of Russia, and from the deserts of …

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Napoleon's Empire

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin To many, war is the crashing sound of multiengined Allied bombers devastating German cities, the noiseless prowl of U-Boats seeking heavilyladen North Atlantic tankers or the grinding might of the panzer armies crushing their way across the endless Russian steppes. There are some of …

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War and Peace - Avalon Hill - The General - 17

Napoleon’s Empire – The Scenarios

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Scenarios Although the Napoleonic Wars covered a ten year span and were fought over an entire continent, the war was not a continuous conflict. There were several separate campaigns between France and a few, rather than all, of the major …

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Napoleon's Empire - The grand campaign

Article published in The General, Vol. 17, 1980 (see also this PDF). By Mark G. McLaughlin War and Peace - The Grand Campaign The Grand Campaign should not be played by those who have not fought all or most of the individual scenarios, as it combines elements of play found in all of them, plus several new rules. The course …

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