Overview of Napoleon’s Eagles

Napoleon's Eagles: Game of the Napoleonic Wars

Avalon Digital has captured the look, feel, challenge, and excitement of the classic board game War and Peace (see also the article Napoleon’s Empire – A tour de force of War and Peace) and brought it to life on your computer, named Napoleon’s Eagles: Game of the Napoleonic Wars. Solo and multiplayer options allow you to become Napoleon as you lead your armies from the fields of France to the steppes of Russia, and from the deserts of Egypt to the mountains of Spain. Or you stand against him as Blucher, Kutuzov, the Duke of Wellington, or any of a score of other famous generals as you plan your strategies to turn the tide of the Napoleonic Wars.

Fight on land and at sea in short scenarios that cover every major strategic operation from 1796 to 1815, or do it all in a grand campaign that may – or may not – end on the field of Waterloo.


Napoleon’s Eagles is a monthly turn-based, hex-based (40 miles each), strategic game. Dozens of individually named and rated generals lead armies composed of abstract strength points each representing roughly 5,000 men infantry or cavalry and their intrinsic artillery.

Every major – and minor – power of the Napoleonic Wars is represented with its own set of individual pieces, each of which is depicted by square counters illustrated with a soldier attired in the uniform unique to their nation and type.
The mix of forces includes everything from Spanish partisans and Prussian Landwehr on up to Russian Cossacks and Napoleon’s Old Guard, and more.

The game also includes squadrons of ships of the line and transports with which players can wage both a global naval struggle – or recreate the situations that led to the epic clashes at the Nile, Copenhagen, and, of course, Trafalgar.

Game rules

The rules manual can be downloaded on Steam or directly in our PDF section.


The game contains:

  • Different playing modes: solitaire play against the AI, Hot Seat, Multiplayer (PBEM or Internet), cross-platform Multiplayer
  • THE SCENARIOS: All the historical scenarios from the boardgame. Some have been thoroughly tested to be solo against AI (and can also be played in multiplayer mode), others are 2-players multiplayer-only for now (the Solo vs AI will come during the next months).
  • MARENGO: 1800
  • NAPOLEON’S APOGEE: 1806–1807
  • NAPOLEON AT BAY — 1814
  • WAGRAM — 1809
  • THE PENINSULAR WAR: 1808–1814
  • SPAIN: 1811–1814
  • THE FINAL GLORY: 1812–1814
  • Varied Hex maps with a scale of 40 miles per hex, weather zones, major cities for production and victory.
  • 6 Major Powers, playable inside Pro or Anti-French Alliance, dozens of minor nations and powers.
  • 5 different types of infantry, 3 of cavalry, all rated for their morale (i.e. quality) levels
  • Warship or Transport naval squadrons
  • All main historical leaders present
  • March to the sounds of guns, conduct forced marches, fight pitched battles, entrench your armies, lay siege, and engage in amphibious, economic, and  guerrilla warfare 
  • Production system for the grand campaign to create your own reinforcements
  • Turn-based system, scale of one month per turn, with different phases: Attrition, Alliance, Reinforcements,
  • Movement and Combat.
  • An elegant, easy-to-understand on-screen guide that will walk you through every sequence of play and help you better understand the nuances and depth of choices and strategies available.
  • Available in English and in French, with Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese coming soon
  • No internet connection required to play against the AI
  • THE GRAND CAMPAIGN GAME – WAR AND PEACE 1805-1815: a complete campaign covering the entire Napoleonic Wars, with production, diplomacy, foreign wars, land and naval warfare.

Two Players MP Only: this campaign is only playable in multiplayer mode for now, as the AI work on a project of this scope is daunting and will be made over time.
We prefer to have a playable 2-player multiplayer mode rather than an unfinished and unsatisfactory AI that would not render justice to the game.

Napoleon's Eagles: Game of the Napoleonic Wars


War and Peace - Avalon Hill
Avalon Hill edition.

Although first published in 1980 by the Avalon Hill Company, War and Peace has continued to evolve thanks to a dedicated fan base whose contributions have enhanced the game while retaining the original core set of basic rules. Avalon Digital has taken the most recent of those versions, the 6th Edition which came out in 2021 (see here on Kickstarter and here on OSS Games) and faithfully adapted it to the computer. Original designer Mark G. McLaughlin and his more recent co-designer, John Gant, have shepherded the board game through the latest of its six iterations.

War and Peace - Sixth edition
The 6th edition.

The original rules and scenarios remain intact, with additional scenarios set in Italy and the Levant to recreate Napoleon’s early campaigns. Anyone who loved the board game will find the system familiar in every way.

John thoroughly revised and enhanced the original grand campaign for the 5th and 6th editions, with Mark’s wholehearted approval and gratitude. In order to further ensure that they get every aspect of War and Peace correct, Avalon Digital has retained Mark as one of the lead playtesters and consultants for the computer version of his classic and much-beloved design.

Napoleon’s Eagles by Avalon Digital is more than just a simple port of a board game to the computer; it is also a labor of love by an international team of historians and wargamers for whom this game is THE game on the Napoleonic Wars.

Play duration

Estimated Playtime: 1 to many hours.