Napoleon’s Eagles – Wagram 1809

Napoleon's Eagles - Wagram 1809

The future 1.4 version of the game will focus on the Wagram scenario:

  • Delivering an AI player
  • May be bringing minor improvement

The scenario one of the least players’ favorite. I feel it has underrated depth.

Analyse of the situation for Austria

This scenario is not a remake of 1805. If the Austrians acts by surprise, they also get a better start. 

The goal of the whites, is to align Prussia as quick as possible. This would distract French forces or eventually get a good shot at Cassel which is a victory conditions. 

Unlike other scenarios, the set-up is crucial as it will open or close opportunities.

The French cannot move their strength point son turn 1, just they leaders. Austrians should take advantages of this to grab as many city point as possible, and possibly a victory over a stack of 5+ blue SP.

  • Innsbrück begins controlled (insurrection) bu timely to fall on turn 2 with French reinforcement arriving at Milan
  • Warsaw is an easy target
  • Posen can be taken by cavalry forced march. Set-up one or two next to Breslau.
  • Dresden may be assaulted en force. A follow-up on Leipzig is foresee, however French are getting reinforcement in the area.
  • John has an Italian option with Venice in sight, or join with Charles for a gambit in Bavaria

In Bavaria, the situation is a bit more tense

  • Munich is a juicy target as proving a city point along with a victory point by beating a large French stack
  • However, If the French setup heavily in the area with Nappy and other good Marshalls, then this might be counter-productive because you have the risk of losing victory points. 
  • Stating on the defensive behind the Danube is a good alternative

This should leave you with +2 to +4 DRM for the alliance roll on turn 2., giving you a small Russian force and a few SP in Germany.

If you could hold a positive modifiers for one or two more turn, you get relief with Prussia entering the war on your side.

  • Keep your conquest at a minimal cost
  • Watch out Prague and the French movement ability. Place 3 SP during set-up in 3828 if the French are able to attack the city on turn 1. 
  • Avoid losing big battles. Defend sometimes with only 3 SP, so that you lose 1 during battle plus 1 during pursuit at the maximum.
  • Keep supply and watch out opportunity to put the French out of supply, agin at minimal cost

At the end, defend Prague and Vienna, buy time. You get a lot of reinforcement but the Landwehr is not reliable with zero morale. 

At the outset,  thought doing theCoalition  AI was a kind of copy/paste from 1805 but it is far more complex. 

  • As you read, it needs a good set-up and good turn 1 to get a chance.
  • Victory conditions also focus on Prague, Vienna (and Cassel) not just Vienna.
  • The alliance opportunity initially enforces a more agressive play.
  • Work in progress; hoping to deliver something in Apr/May.

Some ideas of changes for this scenario.

  • The German rebels should start inside cities, forcing French SP to retreat and to attack them afterwards if they don’t you to get city points.
  • An option to boost the Poles. As they are fighting for their land, they get a +1 morale inside the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, could Set-up differently (defend Posen for instance), and get one more 1 SP as reinforcement.