War and Peace General pledge – Full 7th Edition


The 7th edition full reprint.

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Backers of the War & Peace Kickstarter campaign (view here) at General or higher pledge are entitled a copy of the boardgame reprint at a reduced price (as part of it was in the pledge paid in the campaign). This page has been created to assist you in confirming your 7th edition of the boardgame War & Peace and ensure its proper future delivery.

The final cost of the game is 39 $ for Generals.

If you’ve participated in the kickstarter campaign and are a General, you will receive a special email with instructions to follow.

Shipping : TBA

How it works !

You shall be then informed to provide all required shipping information (postal address, telephone, mail) and then charged for any balance in order to get your order become final and shipped to you.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm