Update 1.13.14-15

Napoleon's Eagles - Update

Bug fixes:
– Hex 3740 is a forest.
– The effect of frozen marsh in winter was not well implemented
– Display of Portuguese cavalry in training
– The UI was sometimes making it difficult to directly directly build a Spanish Cav under invasion
– The Pro-french Spanish unit could appear in 2 production rows
– The alliance die was not displayed properly the first time.

Finally Glory:
– Sweden enters wars in May 1813.
– Stralsund a green supply source during 3 months.
– All supply, alliance and special rules switches in March 1813.
– Reorganised reinforcement in 1813.
– Prussians moves were limited 7 hexes from Memel even after joining the Coalition.
– Alliance data should be reset only in March 1813.
– Brunswick and Hesse are unformed. When Prussia enters war, the log was stipulating the wrong side.