Confirming your pre-order of War & Peace

Napoleon's Eagles - Update

Our online shop has been updated with the awaited reprints for War & Peace 7th Edition.

A special email was sent for each pre-orders. If you have pre-ordered the game or a kit and did not receive this newsletter, please contact us directly.

Regarding our Kickstarter backers (Colonel pledge or higher), a specific Newsletter will be forwarded to them later today.

Thanks for your support !

Additional Information

As announced on our Kickstarter page and website (see here), the plan will unfold more or less as follows:


  • Till end of June: receipt of orders final confirmation and payment
  • July: start of manufacturing process: product proofing, sampling, validation
  • September: actual manufacturing
  • October: shipping to USA and Europe fulfilment warehouses
  • November: shipping from US or EU warehouses to local backers (once final shipping cost is paid)