Manufacturing of Boardgame – 7th Edition reprint

We have received now enough pre-orders from the late pledge and site (in addition to our colonel+ backers) to confirm the production to our manufacturer.

In a few days, we shall publish official comments here, and send to all those who are interested a request to complete their order (paying the balance of the price, and checking the delivery address and other info)

The calendar will be more or less along those lines:

  • Till end of June: receipt of orders final confirmation and payment
  • July: start of manufacturing process: product proofing, sampling, validation
  • September: actual manufacturing
  • October: shipping to USA and Europe fullilfment warehouses
  • November: shipping from US or EU warehouses to local backers (once final shipping cost is paid)

Regarding the final mail postage cost for delivery from the warehouse to the backers, the information will be available in late August, when we know the exact weight of the game(s) and can calculate an accurate price for delivery to your home. Until then, you’ll still be able to modify your delivery address.

This is subject to slight amends, but this is more or less the calendar in sight.

Have a nice weekend, and if you get bored, checked our Publisher Sale weekend on Steam:

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