Update 1.3.5

Napoleon's Eagles - Update

Regular 2024 update.

Game name changed to Napoleon’s Eagles, following a Trademark infringement complaint that was received without warning. Due to this, we are forced not to use Mark’s 40+ years well-known product name ‘War & Peace’, as his brand was only registered by Avalon Hill and him as a boardgame and not as a computer game.

New attrition rule as an option.

  • Instead of a global die-roll, you may opt for a local die-roll (one die per color and per map area).
  • Activate it as a module before starting a new game

Sticky Options:

  • when you start a scenario, all previously selected options for the same scenario are selected by default.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Removed the lead-time on the rules menu
  • Removed cheating possibility on siege die-rolls.
  • Better supply check
  • Attrition tutorial
  • The number of actions on the map button has been removed as too irrelevant