Updates 1.0.12 – 1.0.15

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released.

Update 1.0.15
Grand Campaign:

  • Saved naval production points were too high for SP/Pt once invaded.
  • Portugal was not appearing under Western group of minors once invaded
  • Portugal listed twice in production screen.
  • Prussian reinforcement could arrive at Koenigsberg before it becomes eligible for Landwehr production.
  • England may save up to 5 naval build points.
  • Brunswick counted as a Westphalian production city.
  • Nelson could be injured without fighting.
  • Foreign War removals could be circumvented by selecting then unselecting units.
  • No attack allowed on neutral troops without declaration of war.


  • Spain : units already outside Spain may freely move.
  • Spain: French are supplied by any city in France.
  • Wagram: German rebels as displayed as Austrian in order to avoid code management conflict with neutral Prussia.

Update 1.0.14

Belgium and Rhineland are under Allied control.

Set-up fixes

An injured Napoleon was causing the game to stall.

Final Glory

  • They was a ghost river between 3393 and 3340.
  • Napoleon was twice on map if still onramp in April 1813.
  • Move through Hannover. Update 1.0.13
    Added notes on Austrian home territory for Wagram, Struggle of Nations and Final Glory scenarios.

Grand Campaign

  • The list of nations could be blank when playing several games in a row.
  • Spanish/Portuguese reinforcement arrival once invaded.
  • Warsaw is not production city for Prussia.

Peninsula War: the cost of SP/Pt units is still special even if the country of free of French units.

End of battle round segment, added “Advance after Combat” in the top banner when possible.

Update 1.0.12
Grand Campaign

  • Spanish/Portuguese CAV production cost.
  • The conquest of a minor by a French satellite units was causing color issues.
  • Brunswick and Hesse conquest
  • Saved non-naval production points were not consumed when used
  • Land force pool loss cases on undo moves.
  • Naval units were not removed from porc pool upon build.