Updates 1.0.9 – 1.0.11

Here are the changelogs for these recent new updates we’ve released.

Update 1.0.11

Forced march: the -1 French modifier was applied even if dismissed by the player.


  • Was not always working properly after a forced march.
  • Overrun units were not added to their force pool.
  • The were doubles in the log entry after cancelling an overrun.

Do not propose 3 times in a row to advance after combat.

After a naval pick up, the left to right button remained hidden on the Merge/Detach screen.

Marengo : English reinforcement at sea.

Grand Campaign

  • Spanish and Portuguese units were not added back to their force pool once destroyed.
  • Ship repair.

Update 1.0.10

  • Units were not added back to their force pool after a forced march casualty.
  • AI forces were not properly retreating when morale dropped to zero.
  • AI freeze
  • After a successful naval interception during the allied turn, the sequence wrongly switched to a French turn

Update 1.0.9

  • Wagram : Western Galicia is part of Austria
  • Map: Area numbers were missing
  • Final Glory: Dec 1812 French satellites were not removed from map
  • Italy 1796: Austrian are supplied by Mantua and Milan
  • Russia 1812 : additional French forces at Posen
  • AI freeze case
  • Should lessen issues bound to strong the document folder on OneDrive