Updates 1.0.16 – 1.0.19

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released.

Update 1.0.19
Land battle:

  • When joining a battle after retreating form another one, it is not allowed to move into a hex which has just been vacated.
  • After a maneuver on the rear attempt, you can’t cancel an attack (you rolled a dice).


  • Waterloo : Hexes 2822, 2823 are part of Rhineland not France.
  • Fixed minor discrepancies between the map and the coded terrain (rivers and mountains)

Grand Campaign

  • Damaged then sunk naval units were set too force pool as damaged
  • Naval damage requirement could wrongly carry over from one naval battle to another.


  • Slightly faster screen edge scrolling
  • Fixed the potential issue of ghost unit left on map when dragging fast a map piece to the one of the edges.
  • The left menu and the step indicator on top hide when dragging a unit on map.

Update 1.0.18

  • Spain : the English supply units are now well supplying red land units in their coastal hex
  • Austerlitz: the Austrian AI was not attacking on the its last turn


  • Illegal entrenchment could be built despite movement by forced marching, quitting the game and reloading it.

Update 1.0.17
Grand Campaign:

  • Regression issue preventing units to leave their country.


  • Waterloo: French leader may still move independently of strength points on first turn
  • Austerlitz: fixed an exception case freezing the IA.
  • Spain: The automatic Spanish victory was not properly triggered.

Update 1.0.16
Grand Campaign:

  • Land units were able to move after landing if disembarking on a hex already containing a friendly land force
  • Naval units were not removed from map to fulfill a foreign war requirement if they were not a just enough ships on map. For the moment no choice for naval unit removal.
  • Neutral units are allowed to move within their border.
  • Neutral units may not enter an occupied Austria.


  • Napoleon’s Apogee :Russian units may able to make naval move into French-controlled baltic cities
  • Napoleon’s Apogee : initial control of Hanover’s cities.
  • Final glory: Spanish reinforcement arrive at the same time as the French in January 1814, so that French forces do not freely crawl in Spain.
  • Barcelona was a minor city in the code, it is a major city.