Updates 1.0.20 – 1.0.24

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released.

Update 1.0.24
Regression fix for the land movement which was not stopped by enemy units

Grand Campaign:

  • Poniatowski is not available for build until Poland has been formed.

Update 1.0.23
Waterloo, Final glory, Napoleon At Bay : French were getting 2 partisans per turn even if some P were still on map.

Grand Campaign:

  • When both sides must withdraw after a nail battle, the French player had the opportunity to choose the English retreat hex.

Update 1.0.22
Much better performance for the land movement

Grand Campaign:

  • Year of conquest was too high when it occurred in December.
  • Belgium should be attached to Holland if France did not annex it.
  • Conquest of Portugal by Spain well managed.

Update 1.0.21
Poniatiski was preventing French forces stacked with him to move if scenario were Poland is unformed

Waterloo: After the Coalition recaptured Brussels, It was not possible to enter Holland or Belgium.

Grand Campaign

  • Rules Nations, page 6: added the conditions when to answer the Polish Question.

Update 1.0.20
Waterloo: French demoralisation take into effect the following month
French partisans were not replaced on map after the firs turn of arrival.
Missing river between Antwerp and Amsterdam

Performance: slightly reduced lead-time to display possible move hexes.