War & Peace roadmap

Based on our current vision.

There are plenty of nice stuff to add.

But first, we should stabilise the game after release and add AI into 4 scenarios with short-duration for free in the main game.

War and Peace - Roadmap

Note on AI

  • The extra Spanish scenarios might provide experience for an AI in the Peninsula War or Spanish 1811-1814 campaign. The main issue foreseen in this theatre is the subtile compromise between supply, occupation/guerrilla and mobile forces.
  • Final Glory is quite huge and will require a more play experience before working on a AI
  • The Grand Campaign’s scope it probably to big (map, duration, naval units, specific rules) to design a half-decent AI.

Note on Extra Content

War and Peace - 7th edition reprint - Events cards
Event card
  • Foreseen scenarios will cover the Revolutionary era in France and its neighbors between 1792 and 1795, the second partition of Poland in 1792, a larger Italian Campaign 1796-97, Surovov’s adventure in Italy in 1799.
  • Event cards will change the way major events occurs during the Grand Campaign, giving players more influence on their timing.
    Tactical cards will have miscellaneous effects on battle and armies. They are playable in standalone scenarios. Nothing prevent us to make some card specific to a scenario.
    See an example in attachment.
  • Fog of War. A draft has been presented during the Kickstarter Campaign. It certainly need to mature somehow before entering into design. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/787937257/war-and-peace-the-digital-version/posts/3652989
  • There are still plenty of optional rules for the GCG, the main one bringing the war on the world’s ocean.
  • Battles already offer you a larget set of decision : go behind fortification or fight on the field, cavalry charge, commit the Guard, manoeuvre on the rear, retreat, advance, join.
    Additional battle tactics may be available at the start of each round of battle (probe, frontal assault, envelopment, bombard, etc…) changing die-roll modifiers, casualties, or outcome
    We may deliver an alternative combat table.
  • What-ifs. Some options may be added to standalone scenario for replayability, unless there are enough stuff to build a new scenario. Ideas might be picked in alternative hairy books such as The Napoleon Options from Johnathan North for instance. Do you know some nice reading ?
  • More ideas are likely to emerge, nothing set in stone.

We set most of these as DLC as these items usually require a lot of work and are not necessary for the base game to work.