Updates 1.0.25 – 1.0.29

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released.

Update 1.0.29

  • Partisans were not able to join a battle even if adjacent to the enemy.
  • If the major power switches side, then its non-neutral satellites follows.
  • Naval combat: loop case if the winner pursued but then was beaten.
  • One of the use case for joining battle (withdrawing from another battle) was not working as the force was removed from the new battle at the end of the round.

Update 1.0.28

  • Cavalry in training
  • Does not go to the force pool
  • Are deployed independently from other land units of the same nationality

Grand Campaign :

  • Do not display Turkey in the diplomacy panel as not relevant.
  • When a nation switches side, its prisoners of war are liberated.

Update 1.0.27

  • AI freeze issue related to reinforcement
  • Recheck supply when a force needs to move after joining a battle.
  • No alliance roll on first turn.
  • Italy, Egypt : added a note about Bonaparte, being able to move only up to 10 SP.

Update 1.0.26
Forced march.

  • The number of required MP was wrongly set to the shortest path, instead of the chosen one.
  • It was also sometimes possible to move more than 3 MP.
  • Better handling of production points allocated to naval repairs.
  • Overrun regression following land move performance improvement.

Update 1.0.25

  • There was a loss choice conflict between cavalry charge and morale. Now, cavalry loss has priority over morale.
  • Naval choice loss lock with double sunk result required and not enough ships to absorb loses.
  • Transported land units were lost from map when undoing a naval move