Updates 1.1.10 – 1.1.16

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released recently.

Update 1.1.16

Bug fixes:

  • Forest was not giving defensive bonus in winter.
  • Better supply check after elimination of a side in a battle or after reinforcement arrival

Grand Campaign:

  • Fixed land unit issues for liberated Brunswick/Hesse when Prussia is still Pro-French
  • The alliance pre-requisite of force pool emptyness only applies to a neutral country.
  • The force pool was containing land units already destroyed or part of an expeditionary force.
  • Russian leaders were not always removed from map when Russia enters war with Sweden or Turkey.
  • Piemontese cities are not supply sources for Austrians.

2P: Delete a game where I have just been invited

Update 1.1.15


  • A basket button replaces the surrender button once the game has been resigned. Update 1.1.14
    Grand Campaign
  • If a nation is conquered then aligned with its conqueror, then all its city are considered controlled for victory purpose. The mean that a pro-French Prussia implies Konigsberg as French-controlled.
  • The side flag reflects that state on top of the city hex.
  • A Pro-French Spain was wrongly able to place reinforcement in enemy occupied Spanish cities.
  • If Italy is conquered by the Coalition and later liberated, its land forces wrongly wearing red coats.


  • The program pre-select the weakest unit to lose.

Update 1.1.13

Grand Campaign:

  • No production for Italy if aligned with the Coalition
  • When a MP is conquered, all naval units not in a home port are removed from map and arrive as reinforcement next turn.

Fixed issues on double consecutive choice for losses.

Update 1.1.12

A battle was stopped if defenders in city where reinforced by adjacent forces.
Grand campaign:

  • A conquered Spain was wrongly re-entering war via Spanish war entry.

Update 1.1.11

Combat losses :

  • Always display the choice loss screen.
  • Losses remained displayed for info afterwards until the end of the round.

Display victory screen for 1-player game at end.


  • Madrid is worth 6 production points for Spanish scenarios and Grand Campaign when Spain has been invaded.
  • Grand Campaign: French addition to force pool when entering Madrid or Lisbon.

Update 1.1.10

Better supply checks

Grand Campaign:

  • If France controlled both Netherlands and Portugal, Portugal was appearing twice on the production screen.
  • In case of reinforcement undo, built naval units were not removed from map.
  • Portuguese and Spanish stored naval build points should be divided by 6 upon conquest as special production rules are no longer into effect.