Updates 1.1.17 – 1.1.19

Here are the changelogs for the new updates we’ve released recently.

Update 1.1.19

Grand Campaign

  • No die symbol on the alliance button if no side has any chance to align a country
  • Correct cumulation of stored naval points
  • A transport may load supplies even if in absence of land units in the hex.

Laying siege issue fixed

Update 1.1.18

Bug fixes

  • Clicking on the blue notification icons was not showing the details.-
  • When a field force was completely destroyed during retreat, and another force was inside city, the enemy was wrongly able to advance into the city hex.


  • When besieged units failed to achieve a sortie, then they retreat into the city, the battle ends and the siege goes on.
  • When a friendly relief force joins this sortie in strength, besiegers morale was not reset to zero.
  • When a relief force engages the besiegers, besieged units may attempt to join the battle.

Update 1.1.17

Naval battle:

  • pursuit allowed against lone TRS.
  • The die-roll was not displayed during the second round if the winner stays the same as first round.
  • 2-player: the player was sometimes able to bypass loss requirement

Limited overseas supply

  • Supply points were hidden by another nation’s main supply source.
  • Supply check is done at unloading time.